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  • The surfaces of the records were always very smooth, though.
  • The Canadian C olumbia group of labels how to distinguish Canadian from American.
  • It may have been produced for export only, judging by their scarcity.

The Almost Complete Guide to Dating 78 Rpm Records

The American 45 and 78 rpm record dating guide (Book )
RCA Victor - 78 RPM - Label Discography

Capitol 78 RPM - Label Discography - USA - 78 RPM

In general, records of the s are the hardest to sell. French matrices were in a block. Tyrone's record and phonograph links.

Let's consider these two groups. An independent label from the late s. Are these folks willing to put their money where their mouth is?

78 rpm Record Labels

Capitol - 78 RPM - Label Discography

The American 45 and 78 RPM record dating guide 1940-1959

The Autograph label has just been pasted over an unlabelled original, a most unusual example. The records, though it is assumed only being sold in those countries, were made in England, as the image shows. Along the way the name of the company changed as well and would show at the bottom. The larger the collection, the more likely there are interesting items.

Dating 78 records - WHW

Temporary catalogue of the Columbia Phonograph Co. Docks says nothing about opera artists. The guide under-values many discs, listing B. Manufactured in England for the Middle East, presumably Aden. Victor was started by Eldridge R.

There are some slight variances in these that will help date them. If you want to sell it as a whole, dating advice for you probably won't find a buyer on the Internet. French language courses were also available on Assimil.

RCA Victor 78 RPM - Label Discography - USA - 78 RPM

They were not original recordings, but from various sources, for which Whitlock must have retained some sort of mechanical rights. Database of the Finnish Institute of Recorded Sound. The catalogue series was in a range, irrespective of the record's size. Sometimes by learning of just a handful of artist names, I recognize a pattern.

If you have a collection, hook up tandem you must decide whether to sell it as a whole or to sell off individual items. It is not even certain that these records ever appeared. An actual offer means something. Later in it would be reduced the three lines of patent information.

  1. Using the letter links below you can see pages for other letters.
  2. The first ones started with five lines of patent information along the bottom half of the record.
  3. Where the label name is a link, clicking it will take you to a new page with more information, images and, in most cases, an attempt to list all issues on that label.
  4. Complete recordings of John McCormack.

You can find examples of many swing era recordings by Benny Goodman and Fats Waller on both the scroll label and the circular label. As you'd expect, there's no Dance Band material as the label pre-dates that style of music, though some Ragtime music may be found. Columbia Graphophone Company, ltd.

And finding a buyer will be even harder in coming years as older collectors stop buying. Deutsche National-Discographie. Don't conclude all Murray discs are precious. An Edith Mason record might be worth a hundred dollars.

Dismuke s Message Board Dating old 78 rpm record

It would start as Victor Talking Machine Co. Discography of American historical recordings. This continued up to at least No.

This section is limited to record labels beginning with the A-D. Ajax It is not even certain that these records ever appeared. You can store them in the hopes that the value will increase but be aware of hidden costs. An very scarce label, Aerial was a so-called unbreakable record manufactured by Duophone and using the same masters and pseudonyms as the Duophone M- series. They were most likely to have only been available for a short period, probably during only.

Click here for next page of Victor labels. If you must sell the collection as a whole, you might eventually find a person in your local community who will drive over and pay a fair price. Still, crawley speed dating this price guide is the best available.

The records were obviously double-sided, but had face numbers but no catalogue number. It would not be synchronous with th recording date but it gives one an idea of the era this record was stamped. The catalogue numbers were in a series. Catalogue numbers were in a series. Short of keeping the collection in your own home, there is nothing you can do to guarantee that the collection stays together.

The Columbia master book discography. Aerial An very scarce label, Aerial was a so-called unbreakable record manufactured by Duophone and using the same masters and pseudonyms as the Duophone M- series. Grandma's records got mixed with dad's records at some point!

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Some may be found as label paste-over on John Bull records. Victor was the dominant figure in the record and phonograph market in the early s. The label gives no details about the producer or the reason for the issue, and no catalogue numbers. Some beginners are just happy to add additional titles to their growing collections.

Discographical sources for 78 RPM recordings

There's gold writing and silver writing amongst the variations which I don't both with although there are examples of both. This one was pasted over a Bell or Winner. There are numerous minor modifications to the label which I don't account for with these.

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